The short films I have worked on.

Some of them are not publicly available yet, since they are doing festivals, but if you want to have a look at my work, drop me a line, and I can send you a vimeo link to the film and a password.



Crime Drama, 27 minutes. Completed.

A woman mistakenly accused of using a charity organization for her own benefit attempts to convince the co-worker who reported her to the authorities that she's innocent. But succeeding might cause more harm than good.

Forgotten Things Poster.png


Drama, 2 minutes. Completed.

After a breakup, a young woman prepares to leave her partner, but faces resistance when she tries to take the one thing he's not ready to give up.

Uncle Ted poster red w laurels.png

UNCLE TED (2018)

Drama. 11 minutes. Completed.

A young girl who has lived all her life in a small village in Africa finally gets a chance to move to London with the man she loves. But soon she finds out that not everything in the big city is as rosy as it seems.

Co-written with Louise Johnson.